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Hot Quit Kathryn Roberts

Hot Quit   Kathryn Roberts
Hot Quit Kathryn Roberts
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Descirption: Alexandria Payne may be beautiful, but she's also a formidable businesswoman. As a major player in the high-stakes world of corporate restructuring, she's learned how to handle many different people and problems, but one thing she doesn't know how to handle is a horse. Enter Jackson Morgan, a trainer who specializes in the Western event of cutting, in which a horse and rider work to separate a single cow from the herd. Alexandria hires him to teach her how to ride, so she can curry favor with Everett Covington, a crusty Texan whose trucking business Alexandria desperately needs to purchase in order to pull off a lucrative deal-and whose passion happens to be cutting horses.
The consummate city slicker, Alexandria gamely goes about learning the sport of cutting, but things get complicated when she starts to fall for the cowboy who's teaching her. Soon she discovers that in order to acquire the trucking company she's been chasing, she'll have to rein in her emotions.